Lenny & Eva Necklaces

Chain Necklace
Wear your favorite sentiments and pendants close to your heart with a Lenny & Eva chain necklace. Each chain is classic in style, while still maintaining the brand's unique eye for design.   Each necklace features a lobster clasp a ... (Read More)
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Fringe Wrap
Release your inner bohemian beauty with the Fringe Wrap by Lenny & Eva. This versatile piece can be worn in a variety of styles as both a bracelet and necklace. Pair this wrap with a sentiment, mojo, pendant or simply wear it alone.   ... (Read More)
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Messenger Necklace
Wear your sentiment close to your heart. The Messenger Necklace by Lenny & Eva is designed to carry your favorite large sentiment. Measures approximately 20" in length.   Each necklace features a lobster clasp at both ends, allowin ... (Read More)
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