Kameleon Bracelets

Weave Bracelet
The Weave Bracelet by Kameleon is a standard bangle style bracelet with a subtle addition of the Celtic style weave to beautifully accent your favorite Kameleon JewelPop. Each bracelet is sterling silver and features an easy-open clasp. The ... (Read More)
$99.00 2
White Mother of Pearl Bracelet
The Mother of Pearl Bracelet by Kameleon is a bangle that surrounds your favorite JewelPops with Mother of Pearl. The small measures 60mm in diameter and the large measures 70mm in diameter. Each bangle features an easy-open clasp.   ... (Read More)
$139.00 2
Flourish Bracelet
The Flourish Bracelet by Kameleon is a stunning bangle bracelet featuring flourishes that accentuate the centerpiece JewelPop. The small measures 60mm in diameter and the large measures 70mm in diameter.   JewelPops are sold se ... (Read More)
$99.00 2
Leather Dome Bracelet
The Leather Dome Bracelet by Kameleon features leather straps and a adjustable chain that allow for a 7" to 8" diameter, which will enable this bracelet to fit most wrist sizes.   JewelPops are sold separately. Look through our col ... (Read More)
$115.00 2
Tiffany-Style Bracelet
This bracelet is Kameleon's version of the timeless classic by Tiffany's. It measures 7.5" to fit the most common wrist sizes, and features a dangling heart that you can fit any JewelPop into. Pair with the matching Tiffany-Style Necklace fo ... (Read More)
$119.00 2
Scroll Bracelet
The Scroll Bracelet by Kameleon features a chain link that measures 7.5" at its shortest point and includes an extender chain that allows the bracelet to reach upto 8.5" in diameter. In the center is a place to fit any JewelPop, delicately c ... (Read More)
$119.00 2
5 Round Bracelet
The 5 Round Bracelet by Kameleon is our favorite bracelet in this designer line. It has 5 docks to accommodate any combination of 5 Kameleon JewelPops; people will think you're wearing a new bracelet every day of the week! This bracelet feat ... (Read More)
$149.00 2
Charm Bracelet
This bracelet is Kameleon's version of the traditional charm bracelet. A great way to feature all of your favorite JewelPops at once! The bracelet measures 7.5" at it's smallest point, and has an extender chain that allows for a reach of upt ... (Read More)
$65.00 2
Leather Scalloped Bracelet
The Leather Scalloped Bracelet by Kameleon is one of their boldest and most beautiful designs. Stunning scalloped edge Cubic Zirconias and delicate leather straps surrounding a dock for your favorite JewelPop. Pair with the Scalloped Edge Pe ... (Read More)
$149.00 2
Hammered Cuff Bracelet
Our Hammered Cuff Bracelet is the perfect addition to any arm candy party!
$299.00 2
Ivy Cuff Bracelet
This elegant cuff bracelet features a lovely Ivy vine motif that will be the perfect setting for any JewelPop in your collection. Available in Small and Large.
$99.00 2