Kameleon Jewelry

Since 2007, Kameleon Jewelry has aimed to do something that makes them loved by their customers worldwide; provide an entire designer line with timeless wearability and immeasurable value to every piece they release. The unique jewelry system used by Kameleon enables interchangeability across everything in their collection whether it be rings, bracelets, pendants, earrings or otherwise. Each piece is fastened with a JewelDock; a centerpiece that can be fitted with any Kameleon charm, called a JewelPop. With such a wide variety of JewelPops and pieces to fit them on, the possibilities and combinations you can make with Kameleon is virtually endless.

Marie's Jewelry is determined to provide designer collections that our customers will love, which is why we added the Kameleon catalog to our collection long before the brand became popular. We knew our customers would love Kameleon for their completely unique ability to provide jewelry that is both beautiful and dynamic. Each piece in the Kameleon catalog has unmatched versatility, and we love being able to add value to your jewelry collection with each new piece.

18" Sterling Silver Italian Rolo Chain with Extens
This sterling silver Italian Rolo Chain by Kameleon has a 1.5" extension. It is the perfect chain to showcase your favorite Kameleon Pendant.
$25.00 2
25mm Hoop Earrings
The 25mm Hoop Earrings by Kameleon are a new, innovative rendition of a classic hoop earrings. A traditional 25mm hoop with the addition of a JewelPop dock, allowing you to add a little more flare to your outfit.   JewelPops ar ... (Read More)
$52.00 2
3 Tier Tabletop Ring
The 3 Tier Tabletop Ring by Kameleon is a pedestal for your most beautiful JewelPop. It's simple design and layered symmetrical centerpiece will make your JewelPop stand out. JewelPops are sold separately. Look through our collection ... (Read More)
$65.00 2
5 Round Bracelet
The 5 Round Bracelet by Kameleon is our favorite bracelet in this designer line. It has 5 docks to accommodate any combination of 5 Kameleon JewelPops; people will think you're wearing a new bracelet every day of the week! This bracelet feat ... (Read More)
$149.00 2
Angel Wings Necklace
Showcase any color pop with our new Angel Wing style necklace that is sure to turn heads!
$119.00 2
Animal JewelPop
Celebrate the animal lover in you with our Animal collection! Take thoughts of your best friend where ever you go!   Color options (listed in the same order as pictures): Faith Serenity Harmony ... (Read More)
From $29.00 2
Antique Disc Pendant
The Antique Disc Pendant by Kameleon has a distinctive and dramatic design to accentuate your favorite JewelPop. Pair it with the matching Antique Disc Ring to complete the look. Kameleon pendants look great on a chain or on a leather cord. ... (Read More)
$129.00 2
Antique Disc Ring
The Antique Disc Ring by Kameleon has an eccentric and bold design. Pair it with the matching Antique Disc Pendant to complete the look.   JewelPops are sold separately. Look through our collection to add boundless versatility to y ... (Read More)
$89.00 2
Antiqued Letter
Beautifully ornate antiqued letters on a stunning Mother of Pearl Background or Stearling Silver background, these JewelPops are available in all letters from A to Z. Personalize your favorite piece of Kameleon Jewelry, sunglasses, belt buck ... (Read More)
$34.00 2
Beaded Drop Earrings
The Beaded Drop Earrings by Kameleon are simple and elegant. Light JewelDocks with delicate, beaded detailing on bottom. This is one of Kameleon's most versatile designs, allowing you to wear them on special occasions or for everyday use. ... (Read More)
$45.00 2
Beaded Filigree Pendant
Kameleon's Beaded Filigree Pendant is a striking piece that will stand out in your collection. It's detailed and dramatic design are sure to become a favorite. Kameleon pendants look great on a chain or on a leather cord. We recommend this c ... (Read More)
$45.00 2
Beads on Shoulder Ring
The Beads on Shoulder Ring by Kameleon has a distinctively thicker band than an average ring, leading to a thinner top to display any JewelPop you choose to wear with it.   JewelPops are sold separately. Look through our collection ... (Read More)
$75.00 2
Black Enamel Flower Ring
The Black Enamel Flower Ring by Kameleon features a stylized flower design in black enamel, making any of your JewelPops look like a flower in bloom.   JewelPops are sold separately. Look through our collection to add boundless ver ... (Read More)
$119.00 2
Blossom Ring
Our new Blossom Ring is both casual and fun! This is a piece your collection needs!
$69.00 2
Burst JewelPop
Add some sparkle to any Kameleon piece! Our Burst collection is great as a birthstone or to add a bit of color to your favorite ensemble.   Color options (listed in the same order as pictures): Amethyst Burst Aqua ... (Read More)
$39.00 2
Butterfly Pendant
The Kameleon Butterfly Pendant is the perfect accessory for springtime and beyond. It will be a great addition to your collection. Kameleon pendants look great on a chain or on a leather cord. We recommend this chain by Kameleon.   ... (Read More)
$59.00 2