Chamilia Necklaces

Classic Chain Necklace
Perfect for any neckline, Chamilia's necklaces feature sterling silver and in some cases mixed with Swarovski Elements. Any of these pieces can be adorned with beads or worn simply and beautifully on its own.   Necklaces listed ... (Read More)
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Lariat Necklace
Chamilia's Lariat Necklace comes in a variety of styles that have something for everyone. Measuring anywhere from 28-36 inches in length, they look great on any neckline. Add your Chamilia beads or wear it on it's own!   Neckla ... (Read More)
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Lovedrop Necklace
Among Chamilia's most popular designs is the Lovedrop Necklace. Measuring 20 inches in length with sparking crystal Pave-styled Swarvorski Crystal elements. Add your favorite Chamilia beads to create a dazzling look, or wear it as is! ... (Read More)
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Mixed Strand Necklace
The Mixed Strand Necklace by Chamilia features a multi-layered chain design that adds subtle beauty to an otherwise classic design. It measures 34 inches in length and looks great with any neckline. Wear it adorned with Chamilia beads or on ... (Read More)
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Starter Set Necklace
Brilliant with sparkle, shine or enamel colors, each Chamilia Starter Set is a chic way to glam up your wrist or neck. Wear it as is or make it unique by adding more beads. ... (Read More)
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