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Anchor Me Bracelets

Teah Mazzoni, the founder of Anchor Me Bracelet came up with the idea of giving her loved ones handmade anchor bracelets to show them appreciation for being "anchors" in her life; people that would always be there when she needed them. Her words sum it up perfectly, "Anyone can be your anchor. For me, it was the people who were first in line to celebrate my triumphs in love and life and who picked up my pieces when things fell apart. Anchor Me Bracelet came about when other friends and family saw the bracelets and wanted to share the concept with their loved ones. The idea is to give the gift of a bracelet and tie it on your anchor. The symbol will remind you how you are never alone in this world."

Anchor Me Bracelet
The Anchor Me Bracelet helps you express to your loved ones how much they mean to you. They are for those who pick you up when things fall apart, celebrate your triumphs in love and life and keep you grounded…your anchor. You can buy an Anchor Me ... (Read More)
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Catch Me Bracelet
The “Catch Me” line from Anchor Me Bracelet is an opportunity to showcase the love in your life with style. Wear the fish hook bracelet open toward your heart if you have been “caught” by that special someone. Wear the fish hook facing outw ... (Read More)
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Promise Me Bracelet
The “Promise Me” line from Anchor Me Bracelet lets your loved one know that your paths will forever be entwined. The knot symbolizes a binding that things will not fall apart. Your loved one will always be there for you and you for them; now part of ... (Read More)
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