Alex Woo

Born and raised in New York City, Alex Woo is a designer who has accumulated a great amount of momentum and success in recent years. In 1998 she won the National Women's Jewelry Association design competition and subsequently started her own company. At the age of 5 Alex became fascinated in her father's work as a bench jeweler; he became her mentor and inspired her passion for gems, precious metals, and fine craftsmanship.


Alex Woo Jewelry takes pride in using sustainable resources, supporting local talent, and in facilitating better business practices. Every product is made using 100% recycled metals from American refineries and conflict-free diamonds. While Alex Woo's travels are the inspiration behind each design, the soul of this brand is the diversity and vibrancy of New York City. Each piece is handmade and distributed from the Alex Woo workshop in New York with the purpose of creating products that are timeless in both style and quality.

Little Faith Om Necklace
In the Hindu faith, the om symbol for "sacred" is composed of three Sanskrit letters all indicating the three planes of existence: heaven, earth, and the netherworld. Collectively across the seas and over the mountains, the om has been cheri ... (Read More)
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Little Faith Wing Necklace
Universally, angels are looked upon as messengers, guardians, and comforters that build a bridge between heaven and earth. Providing an element of spiritual emotion, angels will bring you protection, power, guidance, and love. So wear the Li ... (Read More)
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Little Letter Necklace
The best things come in small packages and it isn’t any different when it comes to Alex Woo's Little Letters. Spell it out in a charming way while keeping your S-T-Y-L-E classic! Take these Little Letters and allow them to commemorate and so ... (Read More)
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Little Luck Clover Necklace
It is said to bring good fortune to all those that stumble upon this rare clover (also known as a shamrock). Each of the four leaves is believed to symbolize faith, hope, love, and of course, luck! According to legend, if you wear a lucky cl ... (Read More)
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Little MLB Boston Red Sox Necklace
This Little Icon pendant is solid matte finished 14kt Yellow Gold, has our signature shiny beveled edge, and is stamped for authenticity. Each hand sculpted pendant hangs on a delicate diamond cut 14kt Yellow Gold chain and arrives packaged ... (Read More)
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Little MLB New York Yankees Necklace
This Little Icon pendant is solid matte finished Sterling Silver, has our signature shiny beveled edge, and is stamped for authenticity. Each hand sculpted pendant hangs on a delicate diamond cut Sterling Silver chain and arrives packaged in ... (Read More)
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Little Princess Bow Necklace
A grown-up version of the bow that adorned our flowing locks as little girls, this bow pendant has the perfect touch of class and femininity. This darling bow is a stylish souvenir of fairytale fantasies every girl dreams of in a land far, f ... (Read More)
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Little Princess Diamond Necklace
Diamonds undoubtedly are a princess’ best friend but one is never enough and you can never have too many best friends. These rare gems, at one time, were deemed to possess magical powers and even give supernatural powers to its possessor. Wh ... (Read More)
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Little Rock Star Double Note (Style 1)
The Little Rock Star Double Note Necklace has brought harmony and entertainment to many. This is a note that is easy on any ear and can add a tuneful spirit to your rockin' style. Feel good vibrations as you set a new type of tempo for the f ... (Read More)
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Little Rock Star Skull Necklace
Look drop dead gorgeous in Alex Woo's Little Rock Star Skull. Allow this classic symbol to lend you a touch of fantasy and rock to any outfit. This pendant was designed to show your edgy yet sweet side by adding a little twist - heart shaped ... (Read More)
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Little Seasons Anchor Necklace
Just as an anchor stabilizes a ship, remind yourself to stay grounded and hopeful with the Little Anchor. Dig your toes into the sand, appreciate your well spent life, and sail into happiness. This pendant is just right for the person who is ... (Read More)
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