Core Necklace Collection

The 34 Bracelets pictured make up the T. Jazelle Core Necklace Collection. Each bracelet comes on an 18" sterling silver chain. Charm descriptions are detailed below. This collection is full of simple designs with powerful meanings.

  • Anchor - An Anchor symbolizes stability and grounding. It shall protect the wearer during the stormy seas of life.
  • Angel Wing - An Angel Wing is known to have the symbolic meaning of faith, renewal, protection, and love. Wear your Angel Wing necklace as a reminder that your guardian angel is always with you.
  • Arrow - An Arrow is known to symbolize direction, wonder, and courage. Wear your Arrow as a reminder to shoot forward and follow your bliss!
  • Cape Cod - Cape Cod is a small island filled with serenity, comfort, happiness, and memories. Wear your necklace as a reminder that a part of Cape Cod is always with you.
  • Cherub - Known as gracious and blessed, a Cherub signifies security and protection. Worn for one to always have a guardian angel looking after them.
  • Compass - The Compass provides guidance on your journey through life. Everyday lies new opportunities to follow your dreams, even through the twist and turns wearing your compass will help guide you along your path.
  • Cross - The Cross is a very meaningful pendent in which the belief lies within the wearer. This charm reminds you to seek inner strength and have faith in the power above.
  • Dragonfly - A Dragonfly is known to symbolize transformation, free spirit, and poise. Wear your Dragonfly necklace as a reminder that you can handle any changes in your life with grace and balance.
  • Feather - The Feather is worn to symbolize courage, conviction, and strength. Wear your feather to help you soar over any obstacle you encounter.
  • Gear - At any given time in our lives we can always shift gears in the way we think, work, and live. Wear your Gear necklace as a reminder that you steer the way to transform your life.
  • Hand of God - The Hand of God is worn for protection. It is used to draw good fortune, happiness, love, and good health to the wearer.
  • Heart - Home is where the heart is. Wear this charm as a reminder that home is always with you. Home is where memories, happiness, and love resides.
  • Infinity - The Infinity charm represents love, eternity, and life. Reminding the wearer to cherish each day.
  • Karma - Wear your necklace as a reminder that "what goes around comes around."
  • Ladybug - A Ladybug is known to symbolize good luck. It has been said when a ladybug lands on you to make a special wish and your wish shall come true. Wear your necklace as a reminder that you have the luck within yourself to make your wishes become your reality.
  • Laughing Buddha - A Laughing Buddha is known to symbolize happiness, good luck, wealth, and longevity. Wear your Buddha necklace as a reminder to seek the good within and all around you.
  • Leaf - A Leaf is known to symbolize faith, endurance, and healing. Life can blow us into many different directions, wear your necklace as a reminder that you can always turn over a new leaf.
  • Lotus - The Lotus symbolizes beauty, rebirth and new beginnings. Even in the darkest waters a Lotus rises above and grows into a beautiful flower. Wear your Lotus charm to inspire the start of new beginnings in your life.
  • Lucky Elephant - An Elephant is known to symbolize good luck, strength, and wisdom. Wear your Lucky Elephant as a reminder to stay strong and good fortune will follow.
  • Mermaid - The Mermaid is known to symbolize beauty, enchantment, and mystery. Wear your Mermaid charm as a reminder of the beautiful things to come!
  • Owl - The Owl is known as the bird of magic, courage, inner light and wisdom. Wear your necklace to inspire you to be courageous and to remind you to always listen to your inner voice.
  • Om - Om is known as a scared symbol and the sound of the universe. Bringing inner peace and harmony to the body, mind, and soul.
  • Paw Print - This Paw Print charm is a symbol companionship, loyalty and ever-lasting love. This piece is part of T. Jazelle's Give Back Collection.
  • Precious Footprints - These precious little footprints are a beautiful reminder of the beginning of new life, dreams, hope, memories, and infinite love.
  • Saint Benedict - Let this charm serve as your spiritual armor. Wear your Saint Benedict Medal to protect you against negative energy, danger, and temptation.
  • Saint Christopher - The patron Saint of travel and protection; St. Christopher is known to keep one guarded during times of trouble and throughout your life journey.
  • Sand Dollar - A Sand Dollar is known as the coin of the ocean, each so beautiful and delicate. Life is precious; wear your Sand Dollar necklace as a reminder to see the beauty in each and every day.
  • Sea Shell - A Sea Shell is shaped throughout its journey, making each one unique in its own way. Your Sea Shell charm necklace is an everyday reminder of how beautifully unique and special you are.
  • Shark Tooth - A Shark Tooth is known to symbolize great power, fearlessness, and strength. Wear your necklace as a reminder that you have the power within yourself to keep moving forward throughout the waves life can bring us.
  • Starfish - Symbolizing healing and strength, a Starfish has the amazing power of regeneration. Like starfish we as people have the strength within ourselves to heal. 
  • Sunflower - Facing the sun the Sunflower becomes a unique and stunning flower. Each growing beautifully in all different shapes and sizes. Wear your necklace as an everyday reminder to shine bright knowing how unique and lovely you are.
  • Tree of Life - Symbolizing inner strength, love, security, knowledge, beauty, and the interconnection of all life.
  • Wave - A wave is known to symbolize tranquility, fearlessness, and transition. The waves of life shall direct us to our true destiny.
  • Whale's Tail - A Whale’s Tail is known to symbolize good luck, speed, and strength. 
Tiffany Jazelle Core Necklace Collection


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