T. Jazelle Cleo Necklace Collection




Cleo; A name that carries great power, beauty and light. The Cleo Collection was created with empowering crystals, each holding their own precious significance. Seek which Crystal allures you…


The pictures above are ordered as follows:

  • Amazonite - Known as a soothing stone. Worn to help heal ones emotions.
  • Amethyst - A calming stone. Worn to relieve stress and anxiety.
  • Rose Quartz - The stone of unconditional love and healing. Worn to help bring calmness to the body.
  • Sodalite - Known as the stone of knowledge and truth.
  • White Opal - The stone of clarity, balance and inspiration.
  • Crystal Rock - The stone of clarity and positive energy.
  • Green Flourite - The stone of protection and balance.
  • Rainbow Flourite - The stone of creativity and power.
  • Turquoise - A strengthening stone. Also known as an effective healing stone, providing well being to the body.
  • Smokey Quartz - Worn to protect from negativity.
  • Blue Sandstone -  Worn to bring courage, confidence and clarity.
  • Cherry Quartz - Worn to enhance inner strength. 
  • Blue Cats Eye - Worn to bring joy and protection.
  • Pink Cats Eye - Worn to enhance creativity and good fortune.
  • Onyx - The stone of self-control and commitment. Worn to dissolve negativity.


Handcrafted with a rhodium-plated 30" chain.


T. Jazelle Cleo Necklace


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