Birthstone Sparklie

Sparkle Life Birthstone Sparklies are available to represent every month of the year. Wear one to denote each of your children, your parents, a loved one, or yourself!


Options below are listed in the same order as pictures.

  • January (Siam Red)
  • February (Purple Amethyst)
  • March (Aqua Blue)
  • April (Clear Crystal)
  • May (Emerald Green)
  • June (Light Purple Amethyst)
  • July (Bright Red)
  • August (Green Peridot)
  • September (Sapphire Blue)
  • October (Pink Rose)
  • November (Golden Topaz)
  • December (Teal Zircon)

Each bead is sold separately unless otherwise noted by a special promotion.


  • Available
  • Ships from our store within 1-3 days1