Mediterranean JewelPop

This little guy is sure to make you smile. The majestic Sterling Silver King Crab and Myrtle the Turtle is beautifully showcased on a Mediterranean enamel background.


Enamel colors may very slightly.


Color options (listed in the same order as pictures):

  • King Crab Blue
  • King Crab Green
  • Turtle Blue
  • Turtle Green
  • Dolphin Blue
  • Dolphin Green
  • Orca Blue
  • Orca Green
  • Seahorse Blue
  • Seahorse Green
  • Starfish Blue
  • Starfish Green
  • Whale Tail Blue
  • Whale Tail Green
  • Ahoy Matee
  • Palmetto Moon Light Blue
  • Palmetto Moon Dark Blue



  • Limited Availability
  • Ships from our store within 3-6 days1