Swarovski Collection

Chamilia’s Swarovski Collection presents dazzling designs that feature SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS in an array of beautiful colors that shine for any occasion. World-renowned for stunning brilliance and a spectrum of color, each crystal SWAROVSKI ELEMENT is cut in the Swarovski tradition to capture and reflect light from each facet. Chamilia’s joint collection with Swarovski continues with this tradition of luxury, embodying timeless sparkle with fresh designs unmatched in quality and distinction.


The exquisite beads from the Chamilia Swarovski Collection are designed to be worn on Chamilia’s fine sterling silver necklaces, bracelets, or earrings. With colors inspired by the latest jewel tones and fashion trends, every detail on every bead sparkles beyond compare.


Beads listed as seen:

  • Royal Petals - Black and Clear
  • Royal Petals - Red and Yellow
  • Royal Petals - Pink and Purple
  • Daisy Bouquet - Black and White
  • Daisy Bouquet - Pink and Purple
  • Daisy Bouquet - Red and Yellow
  • Daisy Bouquet - Green and Blue
  • Splendid Marquis - Black and White
  • Splendid Marquis - Pink and Purple
  • Splendid Marquis - Green and Blue
  • Love Letters
  • Crystal Crown - Purple
  • Crystal Crown - Pink
  • Double Baguette - Blue
  • Double Baguette - Black and White
  • Double Baguette - Pink
  • Double Baguette - Green
  • Double Baguette - Purple
  • Circle & Square - Black and White
  • Circle & Square - Pink and Purple
  • Circle & Square - Green and Blue
  • Glistening Meander - Pink
  • Glistening Meander - Blue
  • Glistening Meander - Purple
  • Sphere Tassel


  • Limited Availability
  • Ships from our store within 1-3 days1