Monthly Flowers Collection

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  • April's flower, the strong, sweet Daisy represents youthful innocence, loyal love and virtue. Reveal your sweet, sentimental side with the beautiful sterling silver Daisy bead.
  • May's flower, known as the flower of humility, sweetness and purity, the delicate Lily of the Valley is said to bring luck in love. Capture the essence of one of the most celebrated flowers with the Lily of the Valley sterling silver bead.
  • June's flower, the traditional symbol for love and romance, grace and elegance, the Rose has long been the ideal for beauty and perfection. Share the flower's powerful message of affection with the stunning sterling silver Rose bead.
  • July’s flower, the deeply colored Hydrangea, symbolizes the heartfelt emotions of forgiveness and sincerity. Let your graceful side flourish with this delicate sterling silver Hydrangea bead. 



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