Tiffany Jazelle Trunk Show : September 19th 2015

#GetStacked with T. Jazelle!

On Saturday, September 19th, we hosted an exclusive Tiffany Jazelle Trunk Show at our store! We invited 200 customers to attend the event. The owner and designer Tiffany Snow, of Tiffany Jazelle Fashion with Meaning (now being rebranded as T. Jazelle), traveled to our store from Cape Cod to meet her fans. She designed 30 limited edition bracelets exclusively for our trunk show and unveiled her new 2015 Fall Collection. Within just a few hours, our customers got stacked with over 250 bracelets and 50 necklaces! The 30 limited edition bracelets sold out in under 10 minutes!


We love everything Tiffany designs because each piece has MEANING. Every charm, stone, and bead holds it's own significance; together this provides each piece with it's own identity. You can tell a story simply by stacking your wrists or layering necklaces. Each piece comes with a T. Jazelle Signature Card that offers the wearer insight into the meaning behind the materials used to create the piece. This is the kind of jewelry that makes a perfect gift; stackable, beautiful, and inspired.


While Tiffany was in town, she let us know that her team is working on a display specifically for our store and we can't wait to see it! Marie's Jewelry was the first retailer in Connecticut to carry Tiffany's designs; we believed in her vision, her mission, and her dream. Since then, the T. Jazelle brand has grown to become a shining example of what a small business can become when someone is not only inspired, but hard working as well.

We consider Tiffany to be part of our family and we couldn't be more proud of how successful she's become, how popular her brand is with our customers, and for being such a beautiful soul, inside and out. Next time you stop in the store be sure to take a look at her pieces and ask about any limited edition or Marie's Jewelry exclusives we may have in stock!


Thank you for loving this line as much as we do.



Dawn @ Marie's

Here are a few pictures from the event:

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